Saitama, Chiba
Kyoto, Namba, Kobe
Shizuoka, Mito, others
Hakata, Oita
Modi, specialty store ・
Outlet, experience-based store

Marui Web channel is net mail order that Marui runs.
It is more advantageous when we use with shop, and convenience, shopping become still easier, too.

※Even Epos net ID, password is available


Epos point that we accumulated in Marui's shop and Visa participation shop is usable with Marui Web channel. Of course the Epos points collect when you purchase with Web channel!

Original “ web coupon "does not entrust Marui Web channel! If it is ji, me, tenoo shopping, this presents web coupon for 500 yen without exception!

When both favorite product and brand register, it is very convenient and is easy! We will tell about re-arrival information and advantageous news!

※Even Epos net ID, password is available

After all we understood the stock situation of shop from Marui Web channel what to want to see on seeing the real thing in shop, and to meet such a request!
※There is product excluding

You can receive order for Marui Web channel product at Marui 30 store. It is not necessary to wait for baggage at home anymore!

It is delivery charges 0 yen all articles anytime! Furthermore, we present 100 Epos points just to receive in shop!

We accept return of goods in Marui's shop. As we offer exclusive bag, it is not necessary to squeeze up to corrugated cardboard. We can very easily return goods.
※We charge delivery charges 300 yen every 1 order (in Epos Card members free!)

Assortment of goods which is abundant from fashion to miscellaneous goods. As for a lot of brands only by Marui Web channel!

We dress well for magazine sense and check! A lot of seasonal palpitations

A lot of seasonal coordinate images! Tomorrow several yokana ・・? We answer in this. Furthermore, we suggest coordination which is most suitable for each customer!

Even net can actually do shopping in peace as there is shop.

Customer center is fulfilling, too. We answer inquiry over telephone.

We run system in company group. In technique that we cultivated in high security standard of Epos Card, we look after important information of customer.

※Even Epos net ID, password is available

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