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    Marui Company, Limited privacy policy

    Towards corporate group which Marui group provides high service that customer is satisfied with, and is trusted, we will promote legitimate and fair management.
    About the handling of information (called "personal information" as follows) about customer individual, we obey laws and ordinances, and it recognizes to be our social duty we handle appropriately, and to protect and will make all possible measures based on policy to raise below.

    1.About collection of personal information

    We clarify purpose of collection, the use in duties as far as it is necessary and collect personal information to have you provide from customer after having obtained consent.
    Our main personal information to deal with is just what to give as follows.

    • ・ Information that had you fill out various applications such as card applications and various change notices
    • ・ Information that had you fill out customer card of shop
    • ・ Information that had you provide over homepage and E-mail, telephone
    • ・ Other information that is available to the public

    2.About the use of personal information

    We limit within the purpose that had customer agree after clear statement at the time of collection and use.
    Use purpose is as follows.

    • (1) Business information for sending of trade rag, printed matter in our business
    • (2) Market research, questionary survey in our business, product development
    • (3) Offer of function, service to accompany of our card to offer
    • (4) Sending of trade rag, printed matter except us which we were given in trust from the outside
    • (5) Improvement of associated after-sale service and customer service

    ※ Our main business outline is variety of goods retail business.

    <about the joint use of personal information>
    We use a part of the personal information jointly with the Marui group companies.

    (1) Item of personal data to use jointly
    ・Attribute information such as full name, address, sex, the date of birth, the office of customer
    ・Transactional details such as application day, use day, brand name, the amount of use, the payment number of times
    ・Opinion, request from customer
    (2) Range of company to use jointly
    We, MARUI GROUP Co., Ltd.
    Epos Card Co., Ltd., Epos small short-term insurance, AIM CREATE Co., Ltd., moving,
    Marui facility, Marui Home Service
    (3) Purpose of the joint use
    ・Sending such as trade rag, printed matter
    ・Market research, questionary survey, product development
    ・Improvement of associated after-sale service and customer service
    (4) Administrator of personal data
    The Marui group companies which collected the information concerned

    ※ The details about personal information of card member "agreement article, special contract about the handling of Marui member's card terms, personal information"
    Or please refer to "agreement article, the special contract about the handling of Epos Card terms, personal information".

    3.About appropriate management

    Personal information of customer tries to always manage in latest and accurate state.
    In addition, we carry out safety measures to prevent unfair access, loss, leak.
    Our employee tries for confidentiality of personal information of customer with responsibility.
    We may entrust with duties to process of personal information that I took from customer, but, in that case, protection of personal information chooses company planned enough and carries out necessary measures such as the contract conclusion of personal information protection.

    4.About registration, the use to personal credit information engine

    Epos Card Co., Ltd. issuing card in cooperation with us joins trustworthy personal credit information organization, but we establish period and register personal credit information based on business fact (use of card) with customer with the engine concerned.
    In addition, Epos Card uses only for purpose to perform appropriate credit when personal credit information of customer is registered with the engine concerned.

    5.About proposal of sending cancellation of advertising printed matter

    We show around information to be useful for customer by direct mails, but cope about proposal of cancellation from customer who does not come to want immediately.

    6.About (disclosure, correction, deletion) such as disclosure

    When disclosure of your personal information is hoped for, customer copes after checking being the person based on our predetermined procedure immediately.
    In addition, about procedure, we hope that we have you ask the following "Epos customer center".

    <inquiry about procedures such as disclosure of personal information, sending cancellation of trade rag>
    Epos customer center 03-3383-0101
    (acceptance time from 9:30 to 18:00)
    In addition, we guide "even about these procedures such as disclosure".

    7.About the system in the company

    We maintain personal information handling rule, the organization system, and we carry out in-house education for employee and plan improvement of consciousness about personal information protection.
    In addition, we carry out domestic inspection regularly and try for appropriate management of personal information.

    About authorized personal information protection group

    We become member of Japan Credit Card Association which is authorized personal information protection group based on law about protection of personal information.
    [Japan Credit Card Association]
    Consultation reception desk phone number: 03-5645-3360

    Marui Company, Limited
    〒164-8701 4-3-2, Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo

    About procedures such as disclosure

    When disclosure is demanded about information of the person, customer accepts procedures such as disclosure as follows.
    Please inquire for procedure method over telephone beforehand.

    1.Target possession personal data

    Full name, address, phone number, the date of birth, matters having you report such as the offices, the payment estimated amount of the moon, the payment balance, the use, the receipt of money situation of credit lawn

    2.Reception desk method and window

    Each Marui shop Marui card center
    Please refer to "store information" for homepage
    Epos Card Epos customer center
    〒185-0021 3-22-14, Minamicho, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo
    TEL 03-3383-0101 (time in from 9:30 to 18:00)
    ※Epos Card is our duties trust point.
    In detail "agreement article, the special contract about the handling of Marui member's card terms, personal information
    Or please see "agreement article, the special contract about the handling of Epos Card terms, personal information".

    As have fill in our predetermined "personal information disclosure application", beforehand
    Please confirm the details about procedure after inquiry until the above on the telephone.

    3.Required document

    • (1) Our predetermined "personal information disclosure application"
    • (2) Person confirmation documents (public documents such as driver's license, Passport, Basic Resident Register card)


    We do not have fee to affect disclosure.

    5.Answer method

    There is method to hand in each shop which came or method to mail to address having you send than the person. In addition, in the case of request by agent, please note that you may reply the person directly.

    6.Use purpose of personal information that we acquired by procedures such as disclosure

    We use personal information that we acquired by procedures such as disclosure only for answer for person confirmation of investigation, the person of the procedure concerned and agent and the disclosure concerned.


    Of joint, Marui and shop using information that had fill out customer card for the purpose of guiding such as fair events in each shop in Marui store had understanding. We did not use for Marui, but hope that we have you understand until now as shop which collected personal information of customer except part shop uses and we would manage in future again. In addition, in sales floor which Marui runs in-house, there is no change about privacy policy that had you note that Marui uses alone in particular.

    May 1, 2010

    MARUI GROUP Co., Ltd. general affairs department (compliance, legal affairs section) 03-3384-0101