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    Main gift certificate, gift card which is available in Marui

    Marui's gift certificate

    Marui's gift certificate

    • ●Marui's gift certificate (new gift certificate) is available in Modi (Shizuoka, Kashiwa, Shibuya, Tozuka, Machida, Kawagoe), nokutipuraza (Mizonokuchi) other than Marui all the stores.
      ※There is shop which is not available partly.
    • ●Old gift certificate is available in Marui all the stores, too.
      ※Old gift certificate is not available in Modi, nokutipuraza.
    • ●There are not new gift certificate, old gift certificate together on expiration date of the use.

    Gift certificate, gift card

    • ・JCB gift card
    • ・VJA gift card
    • ・UC gift card
    • ・VISA gift card
    • ・NICOS gift card
    • ・DC gift card
    • ・byu gift certificate
    • ・Gift certificate common throughout JTB department store
    • ・JTB nice gift
    • ・Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos gift card
    • ・UFJ gift card
    • ・AMEX gift certificate
    • ・KC gift card
    • ・MUFG gift card
    • ・Diners royal check
    • ・Rakuten KC gift card
    • ・Nissen consecutive gift card

    ※In the case of the gift certificate, gift card use mentioned above, we are not doing handing over of change.

    ※Department store gift certificate common throughout the whole country is not available. ※It is not available for "monthly payment" in card center.