Customer en quete

Thank you very much for always using.
Valuable opinion that I received from customer inflects for improvement of products, service so that customer is further satisfied.

We present 15 points of Epos points (15 yen equivalency) to customer who had you answer questionnaire without exception.
※It applies only to customer of the use in the check in Epos Card.
※Only answer within one week is from purchase day.
※Point is going to add on the next day when we had you answer questionnaire.

As this en quete is en quete watching opinion of customer and request, we have you forgive reply.

We would appreciate your contacting each store for inquiry that reply needs, question.

With this en quete, e-mail address of customer may not be notified Marui of.

We utilize only information about sex, age, occupation having, therefore, you register toward the member of Epos Card. We may not identify individual.

The time required of en quete is around five minutes.

Please input en quete number listed in the lower berth of your receipt.
(customer who had you input bar code does not have need to input.)

- - -

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