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    Information for email sign-in

    E-mail delivery desired person from Marui comes to need registration of member of Epos Card-limited Internet service "Epos Net".
    Person wanting change and mail delivery cancellation of registration information, please advance to the following "person having Epos Card".

    With Epos Net

    We inform members of Epos Card of information such as Marui's campaign or sale by E-mail.

    Email sample

    Set person of reception domain would like registration of domain beforehand.

    Domain-designated reception method of carrying is this

    • Epos Card
      Person you have
    • Epos Card
      Person who does not have

    ■Epos Net non-registration

    ■Epos Net member

    Introduction of Epos Net member service

    Advantageous information arrives by E-mail

    Marui E-mail member

    We send sale information and information that Marui's is advantageous by E-mail.

    Inquiry of point that we saved is easy

    Inquiry of Epos point

    Can inquire about the balance and acquisition history, expiration date of Epos point, and to exchange and other companies point to gift certificate can shift.

    We can change payment method of the moon

    Payment method change

    We change the use of "once payment" to "revolving payment" later and can change payment course of "revolving payment".

    We know the amount of payment of this month beforehand

    We are going to pay and inquire about amount of money

    We can confirm the payment estimated amount of next month this month since before the use details arrived. In addition, we can confirm past usage history.

    Other various services are available.

    For more information: