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    About approach accompanied with new coronavirus infection spread

    Marui Company, Limited thinks about health, security of customer, business partner, employee and family to having top priority taking the current situation of new coronavirus infectious disease into consideration and carries out the following correspondence.


    [1] About holding of event

    • ・Change of entrance method, rearranging ticket distribution according to time change event administration method and avoid customer, crowd of the staff.
    • ・We enforce calling such as hand-washing, wearing of mask, alcohol sterilization of finger, a cough etiquette strictly upon customer, the staff.

    [2] About correspondence in the company

    • ・We recommend wearing of mask at the time of waiting on customers.
    • ・"Hand-washing" "health care of usual times" "cough etiquette including wearing of mask" enforces infection prophylaxis.
    • ・We recommend time difference commuting. (the head office duty employee)
    • ・We plan telework, teleworking by department unit and promote positively. (the head office duty employee)
    • ・We reduce opportunity when by changing meeting, the training to web meeting, a great number of people gather as much as possible. (we cancel meeting, training in the company in principle.)
    • ・It limits business trip.
    • ・It promotes self-restraint about private trip to foreign countries.
    • ・In the case of fever 37.5 degrees or more, we do not go to our office.
    • ・About person of poor physical condition that high heat 37.5 degrees or more, symptom of a cold, strong tiredness (lassitude) and suffocation (dyspnea) follow more than 4th, we contact "returnee, contact consultation center" and publicize to follow instructions.

    It has top priority and thinks about health, security of customer, business partner, employee and family and will cope in future.