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    About Web accessibility

    In Marui website, "JIS X 8341-3 wrestles for Web site production that considered accessibility according to 2016" (elderly person, person with a disability apparatus, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and service - Part 3: Web contents) (following JIS X 8341-3: 2016).

    JIS X 8341-3 test result indication (web page unit) based on 2016:

    Web accessibility class to aim for

    It is conformity JIS X 8341-3 in 2016 level A

    As for the notation called "conformity" in this page, "JIS X 8341-3 of Web contents depends on notation established on 2016 correspondence degree notation guidelines - March 22, 2016" information and communication access meeting Web accessibility base Committee.

    Range of one set of web page All web pages less than
    Approximately 1,000 pages of total pages
    Choice method of web page

    40 pages of total 25 pages is chosen by method that is not random by page 15, random sampling

    By method that is not random, JIS X 8341-3 chooses based on mention contents of 2016 annex "JB.3.1 indication matters".

    List of URI of page that we examined
    Exception matter
    • ・ Advertisement tag which exhibits that it is advertisement
    • ・ Point that introduces other companies service
    Web contents technique that depended HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, JavaScript
    Achievement standard check list Achievement standard check list is this
    Examination enforcement period From August 20, 2018 to August 22, 2018

    Achievement standard check list

    Our Web site "JIS X 8341-3 is based on 2016" level A partly.

    ※Application: Conformity with contents to correspond to achievement standard on page targeted for examination: Page targeted for examination meets achievement standard

    Subdivision item Achievement standard Class Application Conformity Remarks
    1.1.1 Achievement standard of non-text contents A Application Incompatible  
    1.2.1 Only as for only sound and the picture, it is achievement standard of (we have been recorded) A - Conformity No applicable contents
    1.2.2 Achievement standard of caption (we have been recorded) A - Conformity No applicable contents
    1.2.3 Achievement standard of substitute contents (we have been recorded) for sound commentary or the media A - Conformity No applicable contents
    1.3.1 Information and achievement standard of relationship A Application Incompatible  
    1.3.2 Achievement standard of meaningful order A Application Conformity  
    1.3.3 Achievement standard of sensible characteristic A Application Conformity  
    1.4.1 Achievement standard of use of color A Application Conformity  
    1.4.2 Achievement standard of control of sound A - Conformity  
    2.1.1 Achievement standard of keyboard A Application Incompatible  
    2.1.2 Achievement standard without keyboard trap A Application Incompatible  
    2.2.1 Achievement standard of timing adjustment possibility A - Conformity  
    2.2.2 Achievement standard of stop, stop and non-indication A - Conformity  
    2.3.1 Achievement standards less than light not to put three times (hirameki) or threshold (threshold) price A - Conformity  
    2.4.1 Achievement standard of block skip A Application Incompatible  
    2.4.2 Achievement standard of page title A Application Conformity  
    2.4.3 Achievement standard of focus order A Application Incompatible  
    2.4.4 Achievement standard of purpose (the context) of link A Application Conformity  
    3.1.1 Achievement standard of language of page A Application Incompatible  
    3.2.1 Achievement standard in focus A Application Conformity  
    3.2.2 Achievement standard at the time of input A Application Conformity  
    3.3.1 Specific achievement standard of error A - Conformity No applicable contents
    3.3.2 Achievement standard of label or explanation A Application Conformity  
    4.1.1 Achievement standard of parsing A Application Incompatible  
    4.1.2 Achievement standard of the name (name), role (role) and value (value) A Application Incompatible  

    Reason that does not meet some achievement standard

    It is caused by the fact that correction of contents that we made in the past is not completed. We reflect this test result for future operation and will be improved with enforcement of examination regularly.